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Thermosculpt + Hybrid Combo

Thermosculpt + Hybrid Combo

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Get the best of both worlds.

Our serious fitness babes go through both the hybrid and the thermosculpt in a section. See faster results by having both unit for an amazing super sweaty session.

Hybrid Sweat-belt

The hybrid will allow you to get more out of your workout. The design has two velcro attachments for adjusting the tightness for comfort. This unit is also made in the smooth material we all love which makes wiping and drying the unit easy.

Thermosculpt Sweat-belt

The perfect gym accessory to help you sweat off inches from your entire core. Start sweating within minutes of exercise and see just how much sweat you can produce in a short amount of time. This product has two layers. Tighten the top layer to sculpt your waist while the lower layer produces the Thermogenic effect.


Small: 91 cm fits people 86 cm or smaller
Medium: 107cm fits people 102 cm or smaller
Large: 124cm fits people 118 cm or smaller

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