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Flat Tummy Teatox

Flat Tummy Teatox

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14 -28 herbal tea bags. Drink 1-3 cups per day by re steeping or sipping on 750ml all day

Watch the cm’s melt, mood improve, energy increase and confidence soar.

Each teabag includes the complex blend of herbs that will lower your blood sugar to minimize the production of the weight gain hormone “insulin”, promote positive mood, energy, flush out inflammation, water retention and bowel waste.

1 tea bag can make up to 750mls of tea per day. Can be consumed before or after a sensible meal, up to 250ml (one cup) at once.

Resteeping: should you prefer to steep your tea three times in a day then follow these instructions:

1st steep: 3 minutes, remove tea bag

2nd steep: 6 minutes, remove tea bag

3rd steep: a minimum of 8 minutes, leave tea bag in the cup until you finish consuming the tea

DO NOT USE SCORCHING HOT TEA. Do not sweeten with sugar, sucrolose, honey. Use only our angeldust 0 calorie natural sweetener or other like stevia, xylitol, monk fruit sweeteners.

OPTIONAL: add pieces of fruit, ginger, lemon etc do not add fruit juice. - avoid sugar in general -

Ingredients: liquorice root, black pepper, Senna leaves, Moringa and more

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