Snatchofilia 7 Day Reboot Program - R150+

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This program is a fast reboot when you need something effective to get back on track or jumpstart your journey.

The goal is to not only lose a few cm’s but to reconnect to your natural hunger and full signals but also to learn a few lifestyle habits that will stay with you and make your journey swift.


I will keep this short and straight to the point by separating the program into PART 1 (the fundamentals) PART 2 (the morning routine) PART 3 (the practicum)

Each day you’ll have a new habit forming task ranging from logging what you eat to my “drop and give me 50”.

The journal has spirituality, affirmations, supplementation built into it.


Journal Guide

Super easy to follow, effective habit forming program to learn how to connect back to your body, mind and spirit and achieve your goals without stress, tension or deprivation.