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Cobe Fit

Thermosculpt Sweatbelt

Thermosculpt Sweatbelt

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The perfect gym accessory to help you sweat off inches from your entire core. Start sweating within minutes of exercise and see just how much sweat you can produce in a short amount of time. This product has two layers. Tighten the top layer to sculpt your waist while the lower layer produces the Thermogenic effect.

-Made from thermogenic material
-Start sweating within minutes of putting it on
-Reduce belly fat and water weight
-Drastically eliminate extra inches from back & love handles
-Designed for men & women
-Double your gym efforts and reach goals faster
-Keeps core engaged to reinforce proper structure
-Velcro enclosure; will not come undone during vigorous exercise
-Incredibly comfortable without wires or bones
-Machine washable and easy to clean


Small: 91 cm fits people 86 cm or smaller
Medium: 107cm fits people 102 cm or smaller
Large: 124cm fits people 118 cm or smaller
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